Sep 27, 2017

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Worthy Kids

Abbie, my nine year old daughter has been enjoying our latest review... the first two books in a series called The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls from Worthy Kids/ Ideals.

We received The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1) and The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Race to the Ark (Book #2).


These books are the story of Mary and Peter. They are ten and nine years old, respectively, and the story begins when they (and their dog Hank) are left with their Uncle Solomon while their parents go to Africa for a month.

Uncle Solomon is an interesting old man with an interesting old house full of interesting old stuff. Mary, Peter and Hank soon discover a basket of scrolls which mysteriously transport them through time. All the way back to the beginning of time, to be exact. They arrive in the darkness and void before Creation. They immediately meet Michael, the archangel, who gives them a list of rules to follow. One: they have to solve the scroll in seven days. Two: they can't tell anyone they are from the future. Three: they can't try to change the past.

Over the next few days, they witness Creation and try to solve the mystery of the scroll. They also meet Satan who tries to stop them.

As you can imagine, Peter and Mary do solve the scroll and return home to Uncle Solomon who tells them "the rest of the story".

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

In Race to the Ark, Peter, Mary and Hank are taken once again into the distant past. This time they find themselves in a city full of mean, cranky people. They are bullied by a couple of boys and a wolf. 

After they narrowly escape, they meet Michael again. They ask him why he didn't help them with the bullies, and he points out the ways that God was helping them. He reminds them that God is always with them. He then gives them three rules. The same three rules from the first book. Solve the scroll in seven days. Don't tell anyone they are from the future. Don't try to change the past.

The next day, the kids follow a herd of animals to the Ark where they meet Noah and his family. They help load the animals onto the Ark. Over the next few days, they help cook, tend animals, and learn about how much Noah's family trusts God. 

Right before the flood, the kids return to the city to buy a hinge and are caught by the Dark Ruler. Once again Michael rescues them. In the nick of time before they are drowned by flood waters, they solve the scroll's message and return home. 

Once again, at home, Uncle Solomon pulls out his Bible and tells them "the rest of the story". 

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

These stories are written for emerging readers ages six to nine. My ten year old solid reader devoured them quickly and easily. My older kids picked them up and read them as well. I browsed through them for the purpose of this review.

For the most part I liked them. The story line was simple and uncomplicated which is perfect for the intended age. The message of God's care of us was clear. The black-and-white, simply-drawn illustrations are cute and clean-cut, a perfect fit for the story. The kids were courageous and innovative. They were good role models. The books are fun stories of Biblical fiction about the beginnings of the world. And I love Biblical fiction.

However, I dislike when basic facts are misrepresented in Biblical fiction. Jubal and Tubal-Cain are called Noah's brothers in Race to the Ark. While their fathers do share a name, Jubal and Tubal-Cain are descendants of  Cain while Noah is a descendant of Seth. Trivial perhaps, but still something that bothered me.

Abbie's opinion:
I like them a lot! I wish there were more details in the story. I like it because it shows how the kids learn to trust God. 

I think it was a little below her reading level, but still a great read for her. All in all, these are good books for kids just starting to read chapter books and maybe a little beyond early chapter books.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. {WorthyKids/Ideals Reviews}

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