Sep 29, 2017

Six Weeks Report

This week was our sixth week of school this year. It has been quite a ride! I expected high school to be different, but I did not expect it to be so hard!


One thing that made it really hard was that all of our outside of the house/ with other people activities had a staggering start. I know a lot of people prefer this, but it made it so hard for us to establish a routine! We need predictability and just as soon as we got used to our life something else needed to be added in. It made it hard for all of us. It would have been easier to adjust if it had all just hit us at once.

A couple weeks in, we made some changes and then a couple weeks later we made some more. Weeks five and six were manageable, so I think we finally have the schedule and routine where we need it.


For the 5th and 6th graders, doing every subject every day was just not working. I really don't know why I thought it would! Due to our full out of the house schedule, we have a small window of time to get school done every day. This means fewer subjects. Their school day now looks like this:

Fix-It grammar
All About Spelling
Mystery of History (we do this as a group in Morning School)
Bible Study Guide for All Ages (they do half a lesson a day)
science (Abbie is doing Easy Peasy Zoology and Daniel is doing a random sampling of various stuffs for Geology)
Literature (which is a fancy name for read a chapter of a book)
various review items they are working on


Then they alternate
Spanish (Duolingo)
Let's Go Geography
IEW  homework
Tech (Daniel is doing CompuScholar and Abbie is working in Scratch)


Daniel also does Visual Latin two days a week.

It takes them roughly three hours to  do the above list. Sometimes they dawdle through math and it takes them longer. They are doing well with each of their subjects. Everything but their Technology, Spanish, Geography and Science are continuation of what we did last year so they have the method down. It helps so much when the kids know what is expected of them.


For Kaytie, in 9th grade, I didn't make a lot of changes. I just lightened my expectations on Thursday because that is the day that we lose a huge chunk of our mornings to Biology class. It really just means that she does more work the other three days of the week so she doesn't have to do it on Thursday.
Her schedule now looks like this:

MathUSee Algebra 1
Around the World in 180 Days
Power in Your Hands
Fix It Grammar
Read my British lit booklist and write
Bible journaling
Biology homework
Spanish 2 homework
Speech homework
various review items she is working on

She will earn 7.5 credits this year because she is also earning a PE credit from soccer and an elective singing in the homeschool choir.

The only things she is really struggling with are math (because she will always struggle with math), Power in Your Hands (it's an accountability issue that we are still working on) and getting all her Biology homework turned in on time.


For Nate, we just dropped some subjects. I realized that I had insanely given him way too many high school expectations for an 8th grader.

His schedule now looks like this:

MathUSee Algebra 1
Around the World in 180 Days (he works on this one day a week)
Fix It Grammar
All About Spelling (he has only a few weeks left of the last level)
Read literature and type short narrations
Biology homework
Spanish 2 homework
IEW homework
various review items he is working on

He will earn 5 high school credits this year.

He is doing well with all his work except getting his homework turned in on time. One of the big reasons we are out-sourcing some high school is so they can get used to other teacher's expectations. It has been a great learning experience for them!


This last week we got everything done every day and before lunch most days, so I am hopeful that this schedule is actually going to work for us.


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