Oct 8, 2017


Our local homeschool group has recently starting having a fun social get-together once a month for the 9 to 11 year old crowd. Last week we had a boat regatta. The kids were asked to make a boat and then we met at a park with a playa lake and they got to show off and sail their creations.

Abbie did not make her own boat. She sweet-talked her older sister into making it for her. Honestly, she didn't have to talk very hard. Kaytie loves creating! I think she did a great job and made a cute little boat.


Daniel, on the other hand, took it very seriously and not only built a boat but he also added a motor. He used parts and pieces from the computer he recently took apart, and made a working motor and propeller. 


Abbie got an Honorable Mention for her boat. 


Daniel won the Engineering Award for his!


More importantly, they both had a really good time!

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