Nov 24, 2017

Crew Review Top Ten


 We have come to the end of another Crew Review year! So once again we are picking our favorite products that we reviewed this year. As a Crew, we get to vote on our favorites by category. But my family also chooses our top picks of what we got to explore this year. That's what I'm posting here.


 We reviewed 42 products in all this year. But the kids only reviewed probably a third of those each because they are pretty spread out right now. Abbie is in elementary, the boys are middle school and Kaytie is high school. Daniel worked on some elementary products and Nate did some high school reviews and we all worked on the ones that covered all age spans.


Abbie's Top Seven
1 Captain Absolutely
2 Imagine
3 Planet 316
4 Drive Thru History
5 Crafty Classroom Activity Bundle
Thin Stix
7 Let's Go Geography

Daniel's Top Five
1 Innovators Tribe
2 Typing Coach
3 Creating a Masterpiece
4 In the Reign of Terror and Captain Bayley's Heir
5 Drive Thru History


Nate's Top Six
1 Pencil Grip
2 Drive Thru History
3 In the Reign of Terror
4 Thin Stix
5 Unauthorized
6 Compuscholar


Kaytie's Top Ten
1 Illuminating Literature
2 Captain Absolutely
3 Thin Stix
4 Bessie's Pillow
5 Unauthorized
6 Creating A Masterpiece
7 Mapelle Films
8 In the Reign of Terror
9 Shepherd, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer
10 Drive Thru History


My Top Ten
10 Carole P. Roman's book series
Captain Bayley's Heir
8 Lightening Lit
7 Apologia Marine Biology
6 Super Teacher Worksheets
5 Let's Go Geography
4 Homeschool in the Woods Passport Project Middle Ages
3 Drive Thru History
2 Illuminating Literature
1 Innovators Tribe


Our Blue Ribbon Award winner is Drive Thru History!!!! It made the favorites list of all five of us!

You can find out what the Crew as a whole chose for their favorites on the Crew Blog Blue Ribbon Awards.

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