Feb 28, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: Drive Thru History

I love history. It's my favorite thing to learn about. My kids, however, when it comes to history, usually just say, "Meh." So I am always looking for anything that can spark an interest in their science-loving brains. And I found that in Drive Thru History Adventures and their homeschool videos.

Drive Thru History Adventures

Drive Thru History offers a homeschool curriculum that is online and covers three different time periods. There is a course for each period: Bible History (the Gospels); Ancient History; and early American History.

You can choose a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription, but either way gives you access to all three courses.

The courses consist of videos and additional resources such as artwork, primary source material, articles relating to the material in the video, articles with "rabbit trail" information, discussion questions, and worksheets to print for the student to fill out.

The videos are amazing. They are basically very well done documentaries shot on location with Dave Stotts narrating. He is engaging and entertaining although occasionally a little cheesy. Not that my kids mind that at all! They loved the humor and I love this approach to history.  A lively jaunt through the actual places with maps and actual art to illustrate the story. A fascinating overview of events with tidbits of interesting facts thrown in. My own personal favorite was getting to see the footage of the Hagia Sophia and learn more about it. I have been fascinated by this beautiful cathedral for many years.

I love the way that facts and morsels of information that support our faith and worldview are sprinkled throughout the history. The kids absorb them effortlessly and will use them the rest of their lives to support their beliefs.


I had three of my kids working on this review. They each chose a different course and they each were assigned a different expectation of extras, based on their ages and the appropriate difficulty. Kaytie, who is fifteen and in 9th grade, chose American History. I required her to watch videos, read articles, and fill out worksheets. There are twelve episodes in American History, starting with The Discovery and ending up with the Crossing of the Delaware and a look at the Constitution and the sacrifices of the Founding Fathers.

Nate, who is fourteen and in 8th grade, chose Ancient History. I required him to watch videos and read articles. There are twelve episodes about the Greeks, Romans, the rise of Christianity, Constantinople, and Constantine.

Abbie, who is eleven and in 5th grade, chose Bible History. I simply asked her to watch the videos. We had watched these before, but she absolutely did not mind watching them again! There are eighteen episodes detailing the Gospels and the life of Christ.

They were all able to work on the program entirely independently. For each of them, they started by watching a video. These are a trifle long for my elementary kid (30 to 45 minutes) but she solved that by just pausing when she got over-saturated and then restarting at that spot the next day. It was not a big deal at all. The older kids easily navigated the site to access the "extras" and complete them.

One extra that we didn't really use was Adventures TV. This is an app that enables you to stream the videos from your phone or iPad. You can't access the extra resources, but it can be handy to be able to watch from anywhere.

The Kids' Opinions:

Kaytie: (American History)
I thought one of the things they did was really interesting... he showed us events that were going on in the rest of the world that could have effected Columbus's idea to sail around the world. I found the videos really engaging. I expected them to be boring but when I watched them I didn't lose focus like I thought I would. I would recommend them for a fun history class. They would be a really good thing to base a class around. 

Nate: (Ancient History)
I found it very interesting and informative. It taught me in a way that I actually understood it. A random interesting fact that I learned was that the Romans had a god of mildew. The articles were interesting, too. They were easy to read and went along great with the videos. 

Abbie: (Bible History)
I liked it A LOT. I could barely stop watching it each day because it was so interesting. One thing that I learned was that King Herod killed his family members like his wife, nephew and son so that he could be king. I also learned how to make a carbeque! That was my favorite part!

My favorite part was that this was an easy review for me to do! I put Drive Thru History Adventures on their assignment list every day and they just did it. No grumbling, no problems, no stress. I watched some videos on my own so that I could write this review, and had a few discussions with Nate because he is my kid that loves to chat about what he is learning, but otherwise this was a hands-free history program for all my kids!

I highly recommend Drive Thru History Adventures for all ages. To do the full curriculum, with the discussion, worksheets, and extra reading, your child should probably be twelve or up, but the videos are appropriate for all ages, so watch with your family and ENJOY!

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