Mar 21, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: Zirrly

This review was nothing but fun. Zirrly sent us their Mega Pack of Super Beads and we have played and played. 

Super Beads Mega Pack

We received a bag of over 4,000 fuse beads, 4 design templates (there were five cards for each design), 2 spray bottles, 4 design boards, a design tool and instructions. 

This product is perfect for craft loving kids! These fuse beads are not your traditional beads. They are soft and made of magic! Well, maybe not magic, but you don't have to iron them together. They fuse together with water! We were amazed at how simple and easy it was. 

The template card goes under the design board. 


The beads are placed on the board by matching the colors. When all the beads are on, you use the spray bottle to water the beads and make them fuse together. Then comes the hard part... waiting for it to dry! Once it is completely dry, use the design tool to gently peel it off the board. 


And there you go!


If you didn't wait long enough, and your creation falls apart, it's ok. Just spray it again with water and let it dry again. 

My kids, aged 11 and 12, were able to figure this out entirely on their own. We don't know why there were so many different cards for each design because the kids were easily able to reuse the cards. Maybe whoever made that executive decision came from a big family and didn't like to share? At any rate, the kids quickly branched off from the templates. They mixed up the colors from the templates and then they just created their own designs. 

Abbie made a present,


and a butterfly.


Daniel made a Frokey.


Our four year old friend was able to successfully create his own turtle under the casual supervision of the kids. Although he did get bored/ tired before it was completed and Abbie finished it for him, it was an excellent way for him to practice color-matching, one-to-one correspondence, fine motor control, following instructions, and patience. 


The kids say...

Daniel: It's really easy to do. You can make a lot of different stuff. It's the most fun I ever had with beads in my life. I wish we had more designs and fewer cards of the same design. 

Abbie: It's fun and creative! I like not having to wait for them to be ironed, I can just spray them myself and let them dry. If we had to wait for you to iron them, we wouldn't have them. I wish they had put the colors in individual packages so it was easier to find them. I also like that you can put all the boards together and make one big board to work on!

We all highly recommend Zirrly! It is a fun and creative product with so much educational value. We loved the Mega Pack with all its possibilities, but the single products look great, too, especially the 3D ones! Other Crew members reviewed these other products, so check them out by clicking on the banner below!

Super Beads {Zirrly Reviews}
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Jonathan Czegledi said...

You guys did a fantastic job reviewing and presenting our Super Beads. We’re super impressed. Thanks so much!!!


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