Apr 19, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: HelpTeaching.com


HelpTeaching.com is a great resource for worksheets, tests, and games. The kids and I have been using their one year subscription to Help Teaching Pro. This site has thousands of tests and worksheets available for you at the click of a button. But that isn't all it has to offer.
It offers materials for all the grades from Pre K to 12th grade and covers all the subjects: math; language arts; social studies; science; arts; seasonal and holidays; life skills; vocational; P.E.; study skills; early education and life skills. You can search for worksheets by age/grade or by subject so it is easy to find what you need. 
They offer worksheets, activities, tests, quizzes, and games that you can easily download and/or print. They also have online lessons for your child to watch with related worksheet and activities linked on the same page. This makes it simple for you to set your child up to watch the lesson and then do the quizzes or activities that go along. Sometimes they have links to related lessons.
If all of this is not enough, there are worksheet and test generators so that you can make your own. These are saved on the site for you so you can revisit/reuse as you please. I had fun creating a bingo game for frog related words. I intended to use it with my co-op class, but that didn't actually happen, so I played it with my kids, instead!
The kids watched a few of the lessons. They are mostly slides of illustrations with either background music with text to read or a pleasant voice reading the text. My kids tend to like a little more pizzazz when it comes to videos, so we spent most of our review time on the worksheets. 
The cool thing about this site is that it is a one-stop-shop. You can find something for any age. It can be hard to find worksheets for high schoolers but HelpTeaching.com has plenty! 
My teens worked on some science and some geography tests. For the science tests, the answer key came in handy since it wasn't necessarily information I knew. But Kaytie was taken aback when her map of the capitals of Europe answer key was blank! Yikes! But it turned out alright because she just used our atlas to check her work. 


Daniel was able to show off his knowledge of Geology with a few tests on rocks. The sedimentary rocks are his favorite.

Abbie did some math worksheets and some grammar worksheets. She thought they would be easy, but she was tripped up on a few questions and ended up learning some grammar facts she didn't know yet! She enjoyed her science worksheets more because they were all about animals! Life cycles, animal cells, and classification in tests, word searches and scrambles. She had a lot of fun!


There was even a plethora of fun pages for the four year old that we borrow! He loved practicing his cutting skills and then matching animals. He colored some alphabet pages and worked on counting. 



If you need tests and quizzes and fun worksheets in your homeschool, HelpTeaching.com is a great resource for supplementing your curriculum. We used it as a quick and easy way to throw a little fun in our day.


If you don't want to print the tests, you can use the Test Room which gives you many options, including timed or not timed tests, immediate grading, sending the assignment to your student via email, and allowing your student to revisit previous answers or not. 
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