May 2, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: YWAM Publishing

I first heard about Amy Carmichael when I was a little girl. Her story immediately grabbed my attention because of two insignificant facts: she had six siblings, just like me; and she wanted blue eyes badly because her mother had blue eyes and she adored her mother. There is much more to her story, however, as we learned by reading Christian Heroes - Amy Carmichael, which is from the series Christian Heroes: Then & Now from YWAM Publishing.

We received a paperback book and a digital download of a Study Guide to go along with it.

We learned many things about Amy Carmichael by reading this book. She was a determined woman full of the love of God. She never hesitated to obey His call to share the Gospel with anyone and everyone she came in contact with. But she didn't just leave it up to chance, she left her home and family to take the love of God to people who would otherwise never have the chance to hear about Jesus. She traveled first to Japan where she did not hesitate to change customs and techniques to avoid any hindrance to the Good News. She wore Japanese clothing to keep the people from focusing on her instead of her message. She refused to use the crutch of pictures to keep them from thinking she was talking about just another powerless god. She was endlessly upbeat and totally committed to God's will, even to giving up husband and children to obey Him.

Bad health sent her to Ceylon and then back to England to recover. She was determined to spread the Gospel, however, so she accepted an invitation to a country with a better climate for her: India. She spent the rest of her life there, risking everything to share Jesus in spite of the caste system, the hatred of the Hindus and Muslims, and the heart-breaking stories of the girls, women, boys and men she took into her "family".

The most notable thing about Amy was her single-minded focus on loving others with the love of God. She was cheerful and determined. Her obedience to God drew many converts because her upbeat attitude, her loving heart, and her willingness to do whatever it take made a big impact on everyone she met. She trusted God faithfully and He was even more faithful to meet her needs.

YWAM Downloadable Unit Studies

The Study Guide that goes along with the book is a 62 page digital download. There was much more here than we could possibly have hoped to get done! Trust me, it is full of ideas. The Study Guide offers activities for all learning styles and ages/grades as well as both individual and group settings.  There are eight parts to the Study Guide:

  1. Key Bible Verses: verses mentioned or referred to in the story and suggestions on how to use them with your students
  2. Display Corner: Ideas for displaying objects from India or that represent India such as maps, food, clothing, etc. 
  3. Chapter Questions: 4 questions related to each chapter of the book for you to ask/ discuss with your students
  4. Student Explorations: essay questions; creative writing assignments; hands-on projects; audio visual projects; arts and crafts; language examples
  5. Community Links: ideas to explore your community in relation to the story
  6. Social Studies: places; journeys; vocabulary; geography; conceptual questions 
  7. Related Themes to Explore: a diagram of related topics to investigate with your students
  8. Culminating Event: ideas for a party or presentation of all you have learned
There is also an appendix with books and resources and another appendix with answers to the Chapter Questions. 

Since my children are older, we spent our time mostly with the Bible Verses and the Chapter Questions. Its fun to be able to have discussion time with the kids about people like Amy Carmichael!

As with other books we have read from YWAM, (Jim Elliot, Hudson Taylor, and C.S. Lewis) we highly recommend Christian Heroes - Amy Carmichael

And his servants shall serve Him and they shall see His face. Revelation 22:4

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