May 11, 2018

Spring Planning

We have between two and four weeks of school left in our year, depending on the kid, but I am already in the middle of planning for next year!

Next year is monumental year around here because I will have two kids in high school and two kids in middle school and zero kids in elementary. That seems so crazy to me! How did the time go so fast? Another crazy thing about next year is that we won't be babysitting. Our little guy is going off to public preK in the fall so he will not be returning to us. This makes us very sad because he entertains us so much. It also makes me have to stop and rethink things because I will no longer have to take a little one into consideration in my plans. It's weird.


So planning is well under way around here. The first step in my planning is to decide what the kids will learn in the upcoming year. Nowadays, the kids are a part of this process. Obviously, some things are non-negotiable. Yes, everyone is doing math every single year. But some things are more flexible. My middle schoolers have "electives" just like my high school kids. They chose to give up Tech this year in favor of Art. Daniel decided to drop Latin for awhile. They all wanted to take ASL but decided that the stakes to learn it are just too high. (An early morning class every single day of the week.)

As we decide on the subjects, I write them all down in a list. Sometimes, well, usually, I then ruthlessly cut things off the list. Our educational eyes can be bigger than our time-and-energy-limiting stomachs. 


Once we have a strong list that isn't too long, I consider ways to fill that list. Again, some things are just a given. Math will always be MathUSee. Grammar will always be Fix It! But there are always new things that I need to figure out. The middle schoolers need a fun, engaging way to learn Spanish vocabulary this year. The older kids used and loved Duolingo but the younger two can't seem to use it on a daily basis without it glitching somehow. Is it on purpose? Is it not? Either way, I feel this program no longer serves its purpose for us and I need to find something else. So off to research I go.

That's where I will spend my summer, talking to mom friends, cruising the Internet, scoping out curriculum sales, and snooping around stores. Hopefully I will find something.

Later, I will get more serious about details, but right now my planning is all about the big picture.

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