Jun 5, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: The Critical Thinking Co.™


One of the most important things I want to give my kids is the ability to think and reason. Also, I love puzzles. So I thought it would be both fun and educational to hand my kids the Critical Thinking Detective Book 1 from The Critical Thinking Co.™ which we were given for review.

The Critical Thinking Detective Book 1 is available in either digital or physical format. We received a physical book, so that is what I will be discussing in this post.


This book consists of puzzles or "cases" where a crime has been committed and the puzzle solver must use clues to figure out who is guilty and who is innocent. In each case there are four suspects, each with a short statement. The "case" consists of one or two long paragraphs that explain what happened and then a picture of each suspect with their name and statement.

On the facing page is a place for the solver to collect evidence. They are supposed to use complete sentences and sentence numbers as they write out the supporting evidence for their conclusion.


 For each case, the information given is accurate, including every suspect's statement. The solver is supposed to take all facts and evidence as true.

Some of the cases are more about realizing three of the suspects are innocent rather than proving one of them guilty, sort of a process of elimination.

All of the details, even the details in the pictures are important. We discovered that overlooking a tiny detail could cause you to accuse the wrong person or dog!

If you absolutely get stuck, if there is a difference of opinion between two solvers, or you just want to verify your ingeniously correct conclusions, there is an Answer Key in the back of the book. Don't look unless you want to know, however, because the criminals are each circled in bold red so you will discover all if you look!

Critical Thinking Detective Book 1 is geared for kids in grades 4 to 12. Since my kids all fall between these grades, I decided they could all participate in this review.


 We worked on it in several different ways. Some of them, we did individually. The copyright allows for copying the consumable pages just for your family, so I let each kid pick a case to work on by themselves. I copied the evidence collection sheet and set the kid to work.

Some of them we did as a group. I read the clues out loud and they worked together to figure out the guilty person.

Some of them we did competitively as a group. I read the clues and they raced to see who could come up with the correct suspect first. I think this way was the most fun!


Kaytie: I liked solving the puzzles. It was hard for me to figure out some of the cases. Some of them were tricky in their wording, for example, calling the dog beautiful so I picked the pretty breed. It was fun, though. I want to do the next book!

Nate: I thought they were fun. They were a little bit too easy for me. I didn't like having to write the sentences, I would rather just put sentence numbers or just write nothing at all. I can figure them out in my head. I highly recommend this book!


Daniel: I liked it because it is hard and it is fun to do. I recommend this book and want to do more!

Abbie: It's crazy fun! It makes my brain work hard. It's fun to get the right answer.


Logic is a lot of fun for our family. We have enjoyed many of The Critical Thinking Co.™  products in the past and Critical Thinking Detective Book 1  was definitely one of our favorites!

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