Jun 8, 2018

Summer Goals

We have finally finished our school year. The summer has already been crazy busy with swimming, VBS, sleep overs, Nerf wars, bird hunting, fishing, reading and way too much time spent on screens. Oh, and eating. So. Much. Eating. Suddenly, out of nowhere my kids are growing and this apparently requires copious amounts of food. I buy so many groceries and we never seem to have anything to eat. My kids have always been small for their ages and slow growers, so this is uncharted territory for us. Where my kids used to be four little stairsteps, now the three oldest are in a straight line and soon the boys will be taller than Kaytie. And therefore, taller than ME!!!


But anyway. My point here is that summer is upon us. This year, I have three main goals for the summer. Well, fourif you count school planning. See, our upcoming school year is going to be packed to the gills. The kids will have plenty of margins, but I will not. I know that is not ideal, but sometimes we just have to deal with what IS not what Should Be. So, looking ahead at the tough season coming up, I have decided on two goals:

1. The kids are going to have a fun summer. We are not signed up for a lot of activities. They volunteer at a VBS every year, Abbie will attend her last VBS this summer, the boys have Scout camp, and we have a few meetings here and there for Book club and Chess club, neither of which are mandatory in the summer. I have three weeks of History Camps that I am teaching but again, that does not require much from the kids. Or me, really, because I love to teach. So the kids will fill their days with lots of swimming, reading, eating, pursuing various activities outdoors, eating popsicles, enjoying projects like art, making weapons, and fixing up bicycles, and spending free time with friends (they are teens and preteens after all). I will give them lots of "yes"s and lots of time to just be bored.


2. We will be putting habits and practices in place to get us through the fall. Around here, we tend to let a lot of things slip in the summer. But this summer we are going to take things up a notch instead. I need some routines to already be habits by the time mid-August rolls around. So we are going to work on those things. Nothing too strenuous, just daily keeping certain things under control.


3. And most importantly, I have the goal of filling up my tank with all the peace and rest I can get. I know that the next few months are vitally important for me to survive the busy school year looming ahead. I plan to do everything I can to ensure I go into the fray as strong as possible. This will require me to:

Say "no" to a lot of things I would rather say "yes" to.
Clean up my eating habits a good deal. No to sugar and junk! Yes to veggies and lots and lots of water!
Cement in place a good exercise routine. I have been hit and miss for a long time but now it is vital that I make it habitual to what needs to be done Every Day.
Read, read, read. For pleasure and also some inspirational homeschool mom books I have stockpiled on my shelves.
Enjoy my kids and all the downtime we have this summer.
Get all my lesson plans and master copies in place and ready to go so all I have to do all year is implement!
Go to bed early on a regular basis.
Look forward to the busy year. Because, yes, it will be crazy, but it is also going to be filled with all the things I love the most: kids, babies, and teaching!


 Have a great summer!

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