Jul 9, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: Bible Study Guide for All Ages

I'm going to be honest, this post is a review for Bible Study Guide For All Ages, but I wanted to be on this review not to try it out, but simply because I love it! I wanted the chance to share it with you. We have used Bible Study Guide for many years. My older kids did it and then my younger kids. If you know me in real life, and have asked about a Bible program, I have told you about my one true love, Bible Study Guide!

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

For the purpose of this review, I was sent Advanced (5th and 6th grade) pages, Teacher Key and Bible Book Summary Cards. I had never actually used either the Teacher Key or the Cards before, so I was looking forward to getting a look at them.

Here is how it works. Each Lesson is two pages long. The first page contains review from previous Lessons. First, a Remember It! These take many different forms:Fill-In-The-Blank, True False, Circle the Correct Answer, Cross Out the Incorrect Word, Matching, Answer the Question, Multiple Choice, etc.
Next comes the Memory Workout which always involves the Summary Cards (we will get to those later) and sometimes we the Song CD (which we have never used).

The Guess What? section is an interesting, extra, historical tidbit of trivia.

The next section alternates between Lessons. One Lesson uses a timeline like in the picture below. The student reads and marks answers on the timeline or uses the timeline to answer the question (underlining, crossing out, drawing or actually writing the question) in the question section.


The next Lesson uses a map. The student reads the questions and uses the map to answer them. 


The next section is Get Active, which is always something the student does, either alone or with a partner to demonstrate or act out the "lesson" (for lack of a better word) of the Lesson. For example, they might draw a picture, say a prayer, play a game, remember and discuss an event in their own life, or write a list. Each one is wildly different and unique.

Next is Apply It, which is a Scripture passage, a short story and questions or activities to help the student realize how to use the lessons learned in their own lives. Then to pray about it. 

The second page of the lesson is the new information. The Bible chapter that the student needs to read is on the top, left-hand corner of the page. Then there is a list of questions that the child uses the comic book style pictures to answer. As you can see, there is a variety of methods used here, too.


Here are some close up views of pages that my kids filled out.





The Teacher Key contains a copy of all of the lessons, but has the answers marked in them, like so:



Now, as I said before, in all the years we have used Bible Study Guide, I haven't bothered with the Teacher Key. But I have loved having the use of it in this review period! I don't have dig into my memory to check their work, nor do I have to go look it up in the Bible myself. Neither of those things are bad, of course, but for ease of use, this Key is the Way To Go!!! 

In the front of the Key are a few short paragraphs of tips and tricks on using the program as well as a list of materials that you need to use it. But I will tell you that little bit of information right here. You need 
  • a set of pages for each child (they are consumable), 
  • a Bible (use any translation you prefer, we have used a crazy wild variety over the years with only a few glitches! I will say, though, that if your child is young and doing the program mostly independently, NIV is your best bet to avoid those glitches.) 
  • a pencil
  • a set of colored pencils or crayons because you will find instructions saying "Underline ... in brown" or "Color the .... orange."  My kids don't always follow those instructions, which drives me just a little bit crazy, but I'm sure your kids are more obedient. ;)

I haven't used the CD or the Maps and Timeline. So I will just say this. I wish I had the wall space in my house for the Maps and Timeline because they look supercool! and I have been drooling over them for years. I also wish I had bought the CD when my kids were little and we were just starting out because I really feel it would have helped my kids' retention as well as enjoyment of the program over the years. 

Now, on to the much talked-about Bible Book Summary Cards.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

These are supercool! too. I have enjoyed sharing them with my kids. I got the "Small" size and ummm, they are not what I would call "small"! Maybe "medium" but not "small"! They are 4.5" x 6", full color, on sturdy card stock. Their purpose is to teach kids (and mom!) the theme of each book in the Bible. So there is a card for each book of the Bible. On the front is a picture that illustrates the theme. Can you guess which book this one is?


And on the back is the title of the book, the important information and then a few questions.


 As I said before, the use of these cards is sprinkled throughout the lessons. However, you can also use them on your own. We have been using them as the instructions dictate and have learned the Leviticus card these last few weeks. However, we have completed several of the Units already without incorporating these cards. Plus, my high school kids no longer use Bible Study Guide as they have aged out of the program. But, I fully intend to put these cards to good use in our Morning School (Circle Time, Morning Basket, Family Meeting, whatever you want to call it) time. I will have the kids examine the picture, and we will go over the backs aloud together until they answer the questions. I think it will be a lot of fun!

So that's how it works. This is how we used it...

I'm telling you we have used this for so long it's almost second nature to us. My kids know the drill so well they do it independently. But back in the beginning, when my kids were little and maybe not that strong of readers this is what we did. 

I read the chapter out loud to both kids. Then we sat together (me in the middle) while they filled out their sheets. When we first started, we would do the front half of the lesson one day and the second half the next day. As they got older, they could manage both pages, but my younger two still split up the lessons. That's the fun part, you can do it however suits your family! 

Now that they are older, the kids read the chapter on their own, fill out their sheets and then bring them to me. I go over them (hurrah for the Teacher Key!!!) and mark any wrong answers. Then we go back over those wrong answers together. It's also fun to discuss the information and ideas we find in the lessons.

Because that is another thing I truly love about Bible Study Guide! There is no doctrine in this curriculum. Only Bible facts. You inject your own doctrine, opinion, ideas as you see fit. 

I also want to add that this set that we reviewed is for the older kids. They have three other levels that are easier, simpler, and age appropriate. Pick the set that best suits the age and abilities of your child!

Bible Study Guide For All Ages is a solid, enjoyable program that I wholeheartedly recommend! But if years and years of continual use and love don't mean anything to you, check out more reviews below!!!

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