Jul 8, 2018

Love and Laughter and a Long Goodbye

Anyone that knew my Dad at all knew of his deep love for God. Their relationship was his highest priority. Dad spent his life not only growing that relationship but investing in other people's relationship with the Lord. 
The last time I saw my Dad, his memory was slipping. He struggled to recall words for ordinary things. He did not remember his grandchildren. But he did remember the love of Jesus. He spent a good deal of the evening declaring to me how important it was that we let others know how much God loves them. Not just an important thing but THE important thing. He spent the rest of the time making jokes. Because he loved to laugh.
My Dad went home last night. While we grieve here, he is experiencing the breathtaking joy of the presence of God. And probably cracking some jokes with the family and friends he is getting to see again.
My Dad taught me a lot of things. A lifetime of wisdom. But the most important thing is the last thing. Even when he was losing his memory, when the essence of who he was was slowly being rubbed away, he never lost that love for his Savior and he still was overcome with the need to share that love with those around him.

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