Oct 16, 2019

Homeschool Review Crew: Brain Blox

We have another fun product to review! I would have passed this one by, but my teenager who is hoping to be some sort of builder/designer/constructor when he grows up asked for me to let him check them out. So here is our review of Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks from Brain Blox

Our enormous stack of blocks came with a beautiful bag to store them in. 

This is a sturdy, bright red, cloth bag with plenty of room for all of the blocks.

It has a drawstring closure that doubles as a handle to carry the bag around. 

We were also given a booklet full of creative suggestions and ideas on what to build. We promptly lost this booklet. But that's okay! Because on the Brain Blox website are links to a PDF booklet with ideas: plants! furniture! boats! And even some two dimensional ideas like a flower.

Free play with blocks is always fun for kids of all ages. But Brain Blox offers a plethora of educational uses for their planks. 
  • use your markers to turn the planks into characters for your stories... this is Art and Literature and Storytelling!
  • use the planks to make the alphabet for Phonics
  • solve brain puzzles (and then create your own) for Math and Logic
  • build famous buildings or scenes from History
  • design architectural models or robots for STEM

The first person to use the Planks was the little one year old that we babysit. As you can tell, she was thrilled to be our reviewer!

She likes to stack them. She likes to knock over whatever the other kids build. She likes to carry one around all over the house. But mostly, she likes to taste them.

My thirteen year old, the one who originally asked to do the review, spent the most time just playing around with the planks. He enjoyed figuring out things to build on his own.

Complicated things...

I wanted to use the Building Planks in my high school World History class, but it never really worked out. So I just assigned my two middle school students from that class to build the Parthenon. Because they enjoy that kind of thing.

It seemed like it would be complicated, and they were intimidated when I first asked them to do it. But after they had freaked out a little bit, I showed them the video that I found in the Brain Blox Youtube collection and they were able to quickly and easily recreate the famous building from Ancient Greece. 

Ta da! The Parthenon! And it really only took them a few minutes and couple of stressful incidents where they were afraid it was going to topple over. Thankfully, Daniel has a steady hand and a calm, thoughtful method of realigning his pillars. 

All in all, we have had a lot of fun playing with these planks! They are sturdy, versatile, and truly fun for all ages. We strongly recommend them, not just for play, but for a variety of educational enjoyment in your home and your school. 

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Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks {Brain Blox Reviews}

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