Jul 19, 2010

Continents, Oceans, and so much more...

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Our first TOS Crew review is a module from the Schoolhouse Planner. It's called Travel The World and it is basically a unit study of world geography. Although it comes with the Schoolhouse Planner it can be a stand alone unit study and you can purchase it individually for $7.95. Since it is an e-book, it is an instant download and there won't even be any shipping costs! :) 
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We used this as a quick review and a way to wrap up our around the world studies. It is an overview of the seven continents and oceans with a discussion of latitude and longitude, the three climate zones, and seasons thrown in. It took us about three days to work through it, with an extra day for the coloring pages, lapbook pieces and worksheets at the end.
Although we put our globe and atlas to good use, the only additional products you absolutely need for this study is a computer and a box of crayons.
Since it is 56 pages long, I did not print anything except for the pages they actually wrote/colored on... we just read it off the computer, which actually worked well with clicking on the links as we read through the material. There were tons of links to click! The links were all safe sites and if my children had been a little older, they could easily have worked through this unit on their own, reading and clicking and reading some more!
There is no given age-range for the study, and I got the impression that it was designed to be adaptable for all ages. There is a high school extension, which, although we naturally did not use it, I looked through. Having worked with high school students last year, I think it would work well for them. But I'll be confining my discussion to how it worked with early elementary students, since that is how I used it. If the extension is something you want to read about, you can find reviews from other members of the crew on the Review Crew Blog.
What I liked about this product was that, although it was not organized into daily lessons, there were obvious spots to break it into manageable sections. I found it easy to read aloud and the flow was conducive to adding in bits of explanation for my "younger" kids without chopping it up or losing their interest. We all enjoyed the Internet links scattered throughout the text. And I loved the printable maps of each continent with pictures pertaining to that continent scattered over it.
What I didn't like was that, although there were TONS of links, and we greatly enjoyed the ones that led to some fun and instructive games, most of them were merely dictionary definitions or just repeated the information we had just read in the text. I was also irritated that the above mentioned printable maps of the continents did not include all seven continents; for some reason there was only four.
I asked the kids their opinions, and this is what they said: Nate said he enjoyed it and he learned from it. He would recommend that other moms buy it for their children. His favorite part was the games and his least favorite part was all the reading. I gave him the options of 1 thumbs up, 2 thumbs up, or thumbs down, and he rated it a 2 thumbs up! Kaytie said she liked it and learned from it. She thought for a minute, but then said she would recommend it to other moms. Her favorite part was learning about longitude and latitude. Her least favorite part was nothing... she liked it all. She rated it a 2 thumbs up.

This product was given to us free for the purpose of this review. The opinions are my own.


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From the Homeschool Crew here~ I enjoyed reading your review. It has been fun reading through everyone's!
I am now following your blog.


Dawn said...

Hi! Also checking out your reveiw as a fellow crew member. Good detail provided in your review! Have a wonderfully blessed evening!

Catherine said...

Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Great job!

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Hi, I'm a fellow Crew member. I enjoyed visiting your blog and am now following with Google.


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