Dec 15, 2017

Homeschool Socialization


One of the things I love the most about homeschooling here in our West Texas town is the relationships we have been able to build. This morning a homeschool mom friend whose kids have graduated high school opened her home to several of us. She gave of her time to share information and encouragement to those of us who are just embarking or are about to embark on this high school journey.

Another mom friend has kids younger than mine, so she left her kids at my house while she and I went to the meeting together. Our kids, ranging in age from 4 to 14 had a wonderful time hanging out together, playing games, watching and discussing Dr. Who, decorating gingerbread houses and just building relationships.

After the meeting, they stayed for lunch and it was so much fun just hanging out. I love that my kids don't care about age, gender or popularity factor in their friendships!



Meredith Curtis said...

I wish My attempts at gingerbread houses turned out as good as yours :) Sigh. Yours are beautiful. Merry Christmas :)

At Home where life happens said...

Yes - age doesn't matter when it comes to friendships and you are certainly blessed to have the opportunities you have. Makes me want to work a bit harder at opening up my own home to bless others. Thanks for the challenge - intended or not. :) - Lori


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