Jan 8, 2018

In Pursuit of Purpose

Welcome to our annual event, The Virtual Homeschool Fair. This used to be the Curriculum Fair, but this year we are broadening our subject matter to talk about more than just curriculum. The Virtual Homeschool Fair is hosted by Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. We will be posting on a different homeschool topic each week in January, starting this week with The Reasons We Homeschool.


There are probably as many different reasons to homeschool as there are homeschool families. Maybe more, because I know that my husband and I, though both committed to this lifestyle, when asked, have very different reasons why we do this home educating thing. 


First, I just want to say that we do not homeschool our four kids in an attempt to keep them away from anything. Homeschooling does result in a sheltered, protected, greenhouse environment, but for us, that is simply a result, not a motivating factor. I do not homeschool in order to keep them from hearing anything I disagree with, because we talk about those topics regularly. I do not homeschool in order to keep them away from people who are different from us because we do actually spend plenty of time around people who look, think, act, and believe differently than we do. To put it simply, I do not homeschool out of fear.

So, then, why do I educate my kids in a counter culture way? A way that is more difficult, more costly, and often brings scorn and derision on our heads?

My husband would tell you that we make those sacrifices in order to better raise our kids to be productive adults. Homeschooling enables us to tailor their education to their own personal strengths and weaknesses and move them toward that ultimate goal. He is more of a long term, vision caster and he chose the title of this post. For his part, we homeschool to give our kids an opportunity to find their God-given purpose in life and to teach them the skills they need to pursue that purpose. 


For me, though, I dwell more in the short term. I homeschool so that my kids are not labeled, stuck in a box and categorized. They aren't AP, they aren't SN, they aren't LD, they aren't nerds or jocks or smart or dumb. They just are who they are. They learn at their own pace and no one cares that one started reading at four and another at nearly nine. No one points out to them that they are "behind" or "ahead" in any particular subject. They have figured out on their own that one kid struggles in math and excels in anything to do with words while another kid is just the opposite. But no is teased or mocked or marginalized. They work each day and appreciate the progress they make even if that progress is just simply that they didn't cry over a math problem that day.


I also homeschool because I love hanging out with my kids. They are great people, funny, intelligent and generally kind. I love being a part of their day and watching them grow and develop as human beings and knowing that I have a part in that.

I homeschool because I can choose the village that helps me raise my children. My kids have good relationships with the parents of their friends, with the moms that teach their outsourced classes, with their coaches and the volunteers at church. I can send them off at co-op or soccer to practice independence knowing that if they break the rules another mom will step in to enforce proper behavior. I am comfortable with letting them hang out with friends because I know those kids and I know they will (generally, kids aren't perfect, but for the most part) lift my kids up to excellence and not drag them down to bad attitudes and mis-behavior. 

I homeschool because it gives my kids the confidence to be themselves. They wear capes and top hats and suits in public if they want to and don't care if other people might think they are weird. They stand up for their convictions and are not easily led astray. They take risks and try out new experiences. They encourage those around them to do the same.


I homeschool because I want my kids to think of each other as their BFFs, to have shared experiences and to know they can rely on each other when the going gets tough. 

Oh yeah, and I homeschool because I truly believe that our small teacher/student ratio and one-on-one interaction along with our ability to be flexible, to course-correct, and to adapt to their own particular needs gives them a superior education.


Come back next week to read about Our Method of Homeschooling.

But for now, let's see what my fellow homeschool bloggers have to say about The Reasons We Homeschool.

Note: all posts will be live after 8 am EST.
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Annette said...

Superior education indeed! :)

A Stable Beginning said...

Here's to superior one-on-one education! ;-)

Leah Courtney said...

I love that we can give our kids what they need and they aren't stuck in an educational box!


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